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Rental Hire

At Ambush Airsoft we have several well maintained, reliable AEGs available for hire.


All game rental packages cost £50

This includes:

  • Game day fee

  • Rental of a CYMA AR-15 or equivalent with 2 magazines

  • Full Face protection

  • 1000 BB's (200 grams of 0.2g weight bb's)

(Additional BB's are available to buy on the day)

All our hire AEGs are fully automatic and battery powered.


Ambush Airsoft hire out AEGs on the understanding that only quality bb's be used in them. You do not have to buy your bb's on site, but cheap 'high street' bb's must not be used e.g. yellow 0.12g as the inferior quality causes jams and internal damage to the equipment.

Please speak to a member of the team if you are unsure.

Any internal damage to our equipment caused by the use of non-approved BBs will be charged for at a minimum of £50, with no exceptions.

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