Site Rules

Age limits

Minimum age is 11 years old

Under 18's may attend and play unaccompanied 

Guests aged 11yrs-17yrs require a parental consent form to be filled in & presented on arrival



Ambush Airsoft Site's FPS limit

Semi Auto - max 350 fps

DMR - Max 450 fps 

Single action snipers - Max 500 fps

(Tested with 0.20g bb weight)

*Min engagement 25 Meters

  • ONLY 6mm Ammo to be used

Site Safety

At Ambush Airsoft, we want Airsoft to be enjoyed in a responsible and safe environment.

With rules and precautions in place, it helps to keep the site safe for everyone, including you!

A safety brief is done at the start of every game which will go through all the site and game rules


In the safe-zone 

   Do not put any magazines in inside the safe-zone at any time.

Do not test fire inside the safe-zone, even if you are sure it is clear of BBs.

Keep your equipment as tidy as possible to prevent any trips and damage to players and equipment.


The security of your equipment and personal belongings remains your responsibility at all times.


Entering the play area

Site approved eye protection must be in place before leaving the safe zone.

Full face protection must be worn by all under 18s.

All rental hires are provided with full face protection.

Magazines may only be put into guns once you have entered the game zone.

Ambush Airsoft reserves the right to prohibit the use of any form of eye protection that does not conform with British Standards EN166 


In the Play area

Eye protection must worn at all times as described above. In the event that you lose your eye protection you must bring this to a Marshall's attention straight away. The Marshall will stop the game (by giving three loud blasts on a whistle) if necessary whilst you replace your eye protection.


If you hear a three whistle blast alert, all players must cease fire immediately regardless of your position/situation. One whistle blast will restart the game as soon as it is safe to do so.


Marshalls' directions must be followed at all times and straight away, without argument. Marshalls are there to ensure player safety and to ensure an honest game-play. Any player arguing with a Marshall over any issues in the play area will be removed from the game and further action may be taken.


Returning to the safe-zone

Make sure all magazines have been removed before entering the safe zone

Fire a few shots off to clear the chamber and put the safety setting on before leaving the games area.

Only remove your eye protection after entering the safe-zone.

Players entering the safe zone with magazines in are endangering everyone and will be given one warning only.


By following these simple precautions we can all have a safe but fun day!

Thank You!


Please feel free to print this page or save them to learn the safety guidelines!


The management of Ambush Airsoft accept no responsibility for loss or damage of any kind to

personal property (including vehicles).